DF Calibration on the Veld

by David A Moschella on November 12, 2015
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Obtaining excellent performance from a complex electromagnetic device like a correlative interferometric direction finding antenna system is challenging because they:

  • Operate over huge frequency ranges
  • Have varying radiation patterns and phase relationships
  • Rely on specialized RF electronics for switching and receiving
  • Should be compensated for manufacturing tolerances 

Estimating Angle of Arrival

Although DF algorithms are the responsibility of the customer when integrating a DF antenna array into their system, angle of arrival estimation can be improved greatly when careful DF array characterization and array manifold generation procedures are performed on a special RF test range with:

  • Environment free of interfering structures and signals
  • Automation of mechanical and electrical stimulus and response
  • Ability to excite and measure vector phase and vector amplitude across frequencies 
  • Control positioning and measurement of elevation and azimuth angles


Controlled Environment Testing

Cyntony's facility for such testing is the SA National Antenna Test Range (NATR), located at Paardefontein, just north of Pretoria, South Africa; and about 35 miles from our maker of such DF antenna systems: Alaris Antennas. This 30 acre facility is fully equipped with automation and measurement equipment to facilitate accurate and efficient DF calibrations, such as for the DF-A0001 shown on the elevation-over-azimuth positioning system at the VHF/UHF Building of the NATR. 

Cyntony Calibration Services

Calibration service can be ordered with the purchase of a DF antenna system  such as the DF-A0001, DF-A0029, DF-A0031 and DF-A0095.

This service can also be performed on a previously delivered DF antenna system. Either way, you'll get excellent array manifolds for your direction finding algorithms.

Learn More

You can learn more about the procedures and what goes into determination of DF Sensitivity, Accuracy and Calibration in our free white paper. Click below to get your copy.   

Free DF Antenna Calibration White Paper